Konstkiosk #3 - Vellinge 2019

Thank you Christel Lundberg and Peter Dacke for inviting me to participate in your fine project and highlight the project Far From Where?. Thank you for your empathy, creativity and professionalism.

Book release by Konstkiosk #3:
In this edition, Konstkiosk presents texts by Pär Gustafsson, landscape architect, Professor emeritus who tells in an email conversation about his grandmother Elna's work at the hospital in Höllviken, where a special railway led patients from the hospital down to the beach. Emma Nilsson, architect and researcher working at the School of Architecture in Lund and the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at Lund University writes about an art kiosk located at Clay Station, London, which is a result of a collaboration between the architectural collective Assemble and the artist Matthew Raw. It is interesting to gain an insight into how historical aspects of an area can be implemented in art and architectural contexts. Kaj Persson, editor of the Facebook page Gamla Vellinge, with his contemporary report on Vellinge, provides a broader perspective on a changing place. He himself grew up in Vellinge and with a strong and genuine interest in his surroundings but also with a look at wholes and contexts he gives us an invaluable invitation to the underlying social structures of the town. Michael Holst, head of locomotive drivers, SJ AB, Malmö gives a picture of the railway network in Skåne as a precursor to the infrastructural communication that the internet today constitutes. As an employee manager at SJ AB, he gives an insight into how a public utility company has developed and changed over time. In this issue, Juan Carlos Peirone also presents the art project Far From Where?.

Preface by Konstkiosk.

During the exhibition, historical photographs from the railway area in Vellinge are installed on lampposts at Lilla torg in Vellinge where the former Vellinge railway station was also located. At at the bike path, historical signs showing geographical links to the outside world in the direction of Södervärns Station, Falsterbo station and Trelleborg station.

We would like to thank Vellingebostäder and Vellinge Municipality for the use of land during the exhibition period.

Welcome to a unique art project!

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